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Click to Call

Allow your customers to connect with you through any channel. CTC bridges the gap between you and your customers..

Click to Call

"Click-to-call" technology now virtually always refers to a means for a web consumer to ask a website operator to call her. In other words, "click-to-call" would be more accurately referred to as "Request-a-Call," as in "Please give me a call (here is my phone number)." CTC technology in most instances requires the web consumer to enter his phone number in order for the site operator, or its CSR s, or audio telephony version of an autoresponder, to place the call. CTC technology is now used most often to convert web-based traffic into direct telephone communication between an end user and some other entity.


amazing features and functions

Easy Integrations find out more

Easy to integrate calling widget for your website

One-Click-Call find out more

One click call from your favorite CRM software to drive outreach

Post Form Trigger find out more

Trigger a call as soon as a user submits a form to close the loop.

Conditional Call Routing find out more

You can route calls based on a lot of conditions like time of the day a customer calls, the geography a customer is calling from or even the customer who is calling.

Record & log every call find out more

Record the customer calls that you receive on your number. Refer to those recordings whenever required and understand customer preferences.

Privacy find out more

Ensure standard privacy levels and build rapport for customer’s contact number privacy and implement secure layer for customer details security.

Quality Lead Generation find out more

Helps you capture high  quality leads and increase your probability for sales  conversions

Sale Conversions find out more

Reach out to your visitors in no time and increase the sale conversion ratio on the go! Get round the clock service and interact with customers across all time zones.

Customer Retention find out more

Customer retention is a key factor for the growth of any business. Retain your customers with instant response time and gain customer loyalty for speedy communication process.

Eliminate Dialing Errors find out more

The click-to-call feature supplants the need for manual dialing, eliminating the possibility of dialing errors that decrease agent efficiency. Using click-to-call virtually guarantees that you will be connected with the right caller every time you place an outbound call.

Customer Delight find out more

CTC System provides your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business.

Real-time Analytics find out more

Every time a customer calls you, it’s either an opportunity to serve the customer so well that he keeps coming back. If it is a prospect call, then it is an opportunity to convert him paying customers. However, in the real world this does not happen.