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Missed Call

Implement a smart age enrolment mechanism and prompt response to customers with a missed call!

Missed Call Solutions

Its an virtual number is provided by us  to which the client’s customers call. The call is automatically disconnected in a ring, hence the customer is not charged. The customer is instantly responded to his request and the number is also saved at real-time in the database for further communication.

It is the simplest way to generate a database which is clean and dependable. It can be used to verify the customer’s mobile number on an online shopping store or for customers to register for further updates. It can also be used to get customer feedback of a product or service provided. We can go on counting the endless solutions it can provide.


amazing features and functions

Customer Delight find out more

Miss-call System provides your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business.

Never Lose a Lead find out more

When you marketing campaigns in SMS, Print or Radio there is a surge of callbacks / inquiries in a short span of advertisement going live. The regular phone number cannot handle more than two calls (1 live and other waiting) at the same time. Valuable leads are lost with regular phone numbers but not with Miss-call System, which can handle multiple parallel callers.

24x7 Available find out more

Receptionist works 8 hours a day but the leads from your SMS, Print and Radio campaigns come throughout the day. With receptionist the leads after office hours are lost but not with Miss-call System Number because every lead is logged.

Emails & SMS notifications find out more

Enable your customers to stay updated regarding new products, services and integrations via e-mails and SMS notifications round the clock!

Call Logs find out more

80% of business for SME's come from repeat customers. Do you know everybody who called you in last one year ? Your receptionist would not be able to tell you, Miss-call System can. All the call logs are maintained on the website. The logs can also be downloaded from the website.

Quality Lead Generation find out more

Helps you capture high  quality leads and increase your probability for sales  conversions

User Friendly Tool find out more

Can be used by any customer without any technical expertise.

Integrated Analytics find out more

Manage and track data and records for efficient study and analysis of campaign effectiveness and recognition of target areas.

Developer APIs find out more

Integrate your own platform with dynamic APIs and work with ease while our platform serves your communication needs.

Toll Free Number Integration find out more

Integrate toll free numbers of your choice for customers and make them reach out to you with easy to remember contact points.

Remote Access find out more

Password protected remote internet access

CRM Integration find out more

Accelerate seamless integration with your CRM