Team Moplet

Industries We Serve

As per the varying requirements of clients, utilization of Moplet service can not be predicted or explained. Where as some common applications we met in our market study is given below. Moplet service is required where all there is an interaction between organization and a set of people like resellers, marketing agents, distributors, dealers or customers.

Recruitment Agencies

Business people are aware of the fact that SMS text marketing has become the fastest way to reach your target audience. This simple yet very effective marketing strategy can do beyond imagination for recruitment agencies.

Retail Shops

Retail shops are starting to use mobile marketing more and more as marketing through SMS is very effective. MOPLET SMS can help to keep you connected with your target audience. Being a retailer you can use Bulk SMS for the to raise awareness of your business.

FMCG Industry

Company to distributors Inform of new products being launched, Inform of changes in pricing and specifications, Inform of material shipped, Update distributors with changes in commissions etc

Events Management

All types of businesses know the impact of Mobile Marketing via SMS. This marketing strategy cannot be neglected in todays competitive market.

Hotels and Guest Houses

SMS Marketing is an amazingly effective communication tool for all different businesses. Hotels and Guest Houses can use MOPLET SMS for many different reasons.

E-Commerce Sites

Email notifications are boring and make your business lose personality. You can now fill this void by SMS text messaging. This is rapidly effective and you can get your customers talking about your website.

Health And Beauty

With MOPLET SMS, you can easily send out text messages to all your clients. This can be a fantastic business opportunity for you and your shop. You can let customers know when you have special deals, but you can also just send it out to the relevant clients.


SMS marketing is a perfect way for Restaurants to gain customers. You can easily send out text messages to let customers know when you have deals on certain meals, or if you are starting a 'themed night' for example.

Software Integration and Developers

MOPLET SMS has made it really easy to integrate the extraordinary SMS platform with your website or software through the robust developer API.

Schools and Nurseries

We know things can go wrong at Schools and Nurseries and for whatever reason they sometimes have to shut. For example if there is heavy snow, or a water leak or maybe the electricity is down.

Automobile Industry

Inform of new products being launched, changes in pricing and specifications, material shipped, Update dealers with changes in commissions etc, Time table alteration in organization, Change in service delivery charges

Banking Sectors

Banks are ushering in to the new age of Mobile technology. The latest to be adopted is the SMS technology that has increased customer satisfaction.