Team Moplet

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Moplet: Your Communication Partner!

Moplet, the communication platform, built with number of user interfaces and system integrations. Moplet provides simple user interfaces to manage complex system operations. With stable backbones implemented using robust and dedicated server computers and telecommunication devices, Moplet is capable of providing different service throughout the clock, through out the day. We are proud ourselves for meeting the needs of our valued customers for years together. Quality and stability of service is taken as the primary factors in the design, development, integration and implementation of hardware and software modules of the system. Team of technocrats valuing own abilities joined hands to achieve dreams. We as a team, respect and value each members abilities and qualities, works together not to limit the growth towards the extents of technology. Corporate cultures, rules and structured operations are considered as lowest important factors inside our team. We are workaholic, our aim is to complete the work, rather than working for predefined times and schedules. We execute independent of time, location, style of the work.

Moplet Services

Team Moplet provides different class of services to meet different communication needs of our customers in different domains. More and more services are launched as a result of the studies conducted on the requirements of our customers.

  • Outgoing SMS - Bulk SMS, Web SMS, API
  • Two-way SMS - Short Code, Long Code, Interactive solution, Quiz, Polls
  • Voice Calls - Voice Broadcast, Outbound Calls and Inbound Calls
  • Fax - Incoming Fax and Outgoing Fax
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